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21, Libra, Spain, Barcelona
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Detalles importantes de TimmyLustFoxxxy
Género Pareja mujer+hombre
Preferencia sexual Hetero
Edad 21
Altura 170 cm - 175 cm
Peso 55 - 60 kg
Cabello Rubia
Ojos Verde
Raza Blanca/Caucásica
Idiomas Ruso, Inglés
Procedencia Barcelona
Vello púbico Afeitado
Busto Pequeños
Trasero Mediano
Que nos pone calientes
What excites us is what we see every day - ourselves.
Acerca de nosotros
We are a modern couple, in which there is always love, tenderness, affection and care. Our relationship develops in the format of a young guy and a MILF. Timmy is 21 years old and Foxxxy is 36 years old. This will never and in no way prevent us from loving each other throughout our lives. We want to share our love with you! Subscribe to our page and follow our broadcasts, and we will try not to disappoint you. With best wishes and love, your Timmy and Foxxxy!
Qué nos desconecta
We are repelled by racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, BDSM, coprophilia, bestiality, fisting, foot fetish, anal sex, insults, sex with the disabled, sex with pregnant women
Qué hacemos en la webcam
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A trip to Europe
A trip to Europe
We want to travel around the world in the European part of the planet, and we really hope that our dear subscribers will help us in realizing this dream! We promise a detailed photo and video report. Good day to all!
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Major purchase
Major purchase
Each of us, since childhood, dreamed of buying our own house, with a large space where children could play and adults could enjoy their holidays. We wish it too! This is our big dream and goal - to create our own paradise where you can enjoy peace, freedom and each other!
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